Carl Reiner on Sid Caesar: ‘Television owes him a debt of gratitude’

Carl Reiner on Sid Caesar: “Television owes him a debt of gratitude”

“Inarguably he was the greatest single monologist and skit comedian we ever had,” Carl Reiner said in a statement. “Television owes him a debt of gratitude for his pioneering work and the great shows he gave us all. Render onto Caesar what is his due. He deserves real applause from the American people.”

“Taxi’s” Judd Hirsch will drive a cab in the “Sharknado” sequel

“Sharknado 2” is currently casting for local NYC celebrities, including a weatherman and a shock jock.

“GMA” is even topping “Today” during the Olympics

On Monday, “Today” was No. 1. But “Good Morning America” topped “Today” on Tuesday.

Some Olympic fans didn’t like Matt Lauer subbing for Bob Costas
A few viewers were particularly annoyed by Lauer’s beard. PLUS: How jingoistic is NBC’s coverage?, Johnny Weir drawing attention for his “fashion fierceness,” and naked Lauer and Al Roker got spanked at a Russian bathhouse.

“Shameless” books Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the season finale

He’ll guest as Fiona’s new boss.

Adult Swim renews “Rick and Morty”

Dan Harmon’s animated comedy will be back for a 2nd season.

TruTV orders a reality show about “Safecrackers”

“The Safecrackers” will follow the Alabama locksmiths as they try to crack lost and abandoned safes.

January Jones: Did “50 Shades of Grey” poster steal from “Mad Men”?

The “50 Shades” poster, she notes, looks like the 2010 “Mad Men” poster of Don Draper standing in front of a window.

“Sesame Street” spoofs “Flappy Bird” with “Flappy Bert”

Check out Bert in a parody of the mobile video game that no longer available.

“Girls” meets the Sochi games
It’s the “Shoshi Games 2014,” celebrating Shoshanna’s Olympic triumphs.

Jason Alexander defends his hairpiece

“I do standup comedy called ‘An Evening With Jason Alexander and His Hair,'” the former “Seinfeld” star explains to Craig Ferguson. “The hair has billing and an agent and I had to wear it on your show.”

Fox Business Channel to launch a “Strange Inheritance” TV show

The half-hour show will examine “real-life stories of unconventional inheritances.”

“Grimm” casts C. Thomas Howell
He’ll guest as an FBI agent.

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