Catch the first three ‘Orphan Black’ season two teasers here

“We're property.” “Everything we are belongs to them.” “You don't own us.”

“Surrender yourself.”

The battle for clone autonomy is gearing up to return on Sat. April 19 with season two of “Orphan Black.” If that seems like an age from now, BBC America has been releasing one teaser trailer a day since Feb. 26 on their Instagram account (@OrphanBlacktv), with eight on the docket. If that's too much work (c'mon, people!) we've posted the latest three below. 

So far, we know a few things — Alison is abducted by men in suits who look like they just escaped “The Matrix” but are likely Neolution goons, Cosima might be using her body as a testing ground (or at the very least looking for a cure to whatever ailment is making her cough up blood), and Sarah gets in some good punches on Rachel. Oh, and the other thing we know? April is too far away and we need “Orphan Black” season two now, now, now! 

What do you think of the teasers? 

February 26

February 27

February 28

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