Cate Blanchett is first Aussie actor to win 2 Oscars and ‘Don’t you f***ing forget it’

Cate Blanchett is well aware she's the first Australian actor to win two Oscars.

“And don't you fucking forget it,” said the actress (mostly joking, I think) when the factoid was brought up by a member of the press corps backstage after her Best Actress win for “Blue Jasmine.” “Look, roles like this don't come along very often. And as I think I said or I hope I said or I imagined I said, that it was a real synthesis for me of the long connection I've had with the theater and the…intangible connection I've had to film. And I think Woody Allen and the script that he wrote finding that forum to kind of make that synthesis happen.”

Whatever you say, Ms. Blanchett. So what was up with the Julia Roberts “hashtag” joke during your acceptance speech?

“It happened in the bar with Ms. Roberts,” responded the actress coyly when asked. “And that's all I'm prepared to say.”

One thing she'll definitely talk about is her relief that awards season is finally done – particularly after the “intense, unbearable pressure” that comes along with being the frontrunner for Best Actress. Said Blanchett with a tangible air of contentment: “I'm so glad [it's] over!”

For the full backstage press conference, click on the video above.