CBS puts ‘Wolf Lake,’ ‘Jericho’ and ‘Swingtown’ online

Could we interest you in a sexy werewolf drama starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Paul Wesley? 
How about a saucy ’70s drama from the creator of “Revenge”?
Or perhaps a post-apocalyptic drama guaranteed to drive audiences nuts?
As part of its Second Look feature, CBS is putting all of the episodes for “Jericho,” “Swingtown” and “Wolf Lake” up on CBS.com for the summer, allowing viewers to experience a trio of dramas they didn’t necessarily flock to when they were actually airing.
Of the three shows, “Jericho” is the only one that earned a second season. And, of course, the second season for the Skeet Ulrich drama only came after CBS cancelled the show and then resurrected it following an onslaught of viewer-sent nuts. Set in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, “Jericho” ended up with a whopping 29 episodes over two seasons, more than “Swingtown” and “Wolf Lake” combined.
Created by Mike Kelley, “Swington” aired in the summer of 2008. Despite a strong cast including Molly Parker, Jack Davenport, Lana Parrilla, Josh Hopkins, Grant Show and more, the drama had only pockets of critical support and was cancelled after its 13-episode run.
“Wolf Lake,” focusing on the lycanthropic happenings in a Seattle suburb, aired on five episodes on CBS and then jumped to UPN for four additional low-rated airings. In addition to Winstead and Wesley (still named “Paul Wasilewski” at the time), the series featured Lou Diamond Phillips, Tim Matheson, Graham Greene and Sharon Lawrence.
“‘Jericho,’ ‘Swingtown’ and ‘Wolf Lake’ pushed the boundaries, exploring some of the most popular themes in television today: post-cataclysmic life, the social and cultural mores of a generation, and the supernatural,” blurbs Jeff Grossman, Vice President of Content and Product Strategy for CBS Interactive. “Over the years, fans have told us they”d like to experience these shows again, and through CBS.com, we”re able to resurface programming that not only captivated viewers but broke new ground.”
Now what about “Viva Laughlin” episodes, CBS?