Show Planet Earth Your Love by Watching These Five Movies

Today is Earth Day, which sounds a little intimidating. How are we supposed to celebrate the planet that has given us our lives and supports our existence from day to day? Here's the good news: if you want, all you have to do today is watch a movie.

But not just any movie. It has to be about Planet Earth. You can go back to watching regular movies tomorrow. 

Perfect movies for Earth Day:

1. Happy Feet: Dancing penguins in Antarctica. Environmentally friendly fun for the whole family.

2. Erin Brockovich: Single mother stands up for her city's water supply, and looks hot while doing it. 

3. Wall-E: A waste-collecting robot has a lot of work to do in the future, when garbage has taken over the planet. A cautionary tale featuring an adorable robot romance. 

4. Deep Impact: When a comet starts heading towards earth threatening to obliterate human life, Tea Leoni and others learn about love, impermanence, and tidal waves. 

5. Sharnkado: This highly realistic cinematic experience warns us that if we don't work to reverse climate change, there will be a huge storm that floods our streets with sharks. And what's worse: Tara Reid and Ian Ziering will be our only hope. 

Whatever you decide to watch, try to be happy today, because even when nothing else is going right in your life, at least the sharks are where they belong: under water and far away. Thank you, Earth, for being so good to us. And thank you, Wall-E, for being so incredibly cute.