Celebrate Michael B. Jordan’s birthday by watching his Oscar-worthy acting

Michael B. Jordan's omission from the Best Actor race this year is easily as egregious as Idris Elba's. In Creed, Jordan played a three-dimensional, utterly relatable character in an intense but conventional sports narrative. Since the actor turns 29 today and for some reason he still doesn't have an Oscar nomination, let's take a look back at one scene where he showed us how powerful a thespian he is.

There are number of unforgettably chilling moments in Fruitvale Station (namely a certain subway scene), but Jordan's performance during this conversation with Octavia Spencer, who plays his mother, showcases the intensity, emotionality, and believability.

We listed his work in Fruitvale Station as one of the 15 best performances of 2013

When a performer is capable of acting like that, how can the world justify shoehorning him into an obnoxiously awful comedy like That Awkward Moment?  Have we properly apologized to him yet? Let's do it today: Happy birthday, Michael B. Jordan, and I'm sorry you had to play second fiddle to Zac Efron's slapstick skills.