Celebration Day: Led Zeppelin finally a ‘Presence’ on Spotify

Despite sharp criticism from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and others, Spotify continues to expand its empire, and they now have the hammer of the gods on their side. 

Classic rock kings Led Zeppelin have announced that their entire catalog will be available to stream online for the first time ever, exclusively on Spotify, with every mind-bending Jimmy Page riff, Robert Plant shriek, and timely Tolkien allusion intact. 

In fact, they’re already there. Led Zep”s first two albums, curiously titled “Led Zeppelin I” and “Led Zeppelin II,” will be available today. “Led Zeppelin III” follows on Thursday, along with their untitled fourth album (often referred to as “Led Zeppelin IV” or “Zoso”). The rest of their albums will be popping up throughout the week.

The British metal pioneers were one of the last rock legends to withhold their catalog from Spotify. Next stop: The Beatles.

Here”s the full release schedule:

– Wednesday, December 11: Led Zeppelin (1969) and Led Zeppelin II (1969)

– Thursday, December 12: Led Zeppelin III (1970) and Untitled fourth album (1971)

– Friday, December 13: Houses Of The Holy (1973) and Physical Graffiti (1975)
– Saturday, December 14: Presence (1976) and In Through The Out Door (1979)
– Sunday, December 15: The Song Remains The Same (1976), Coda (1982), BBC Sessions (1997), How The West Was Won (2003), Mothership (2007), and Celebration Day (2012)