Celebrities are allergic to ‘Game of Thrones’

“What is your geek blindspot?” It was a question I posed — or at least attempted to pose — to every actor and filmmaker I interviewed at Comic Con, and I came away with one undeniable conclusion: celebrities do not watch “Game of Thrones.” Like, none at least seven of them.

The winner for most unapologetic non-“Game of Thrones” watcher was Denis Leary, who said, stone-faced: “Never watched it, never will.”

Judge him for it, see if he cares. (He won't.)

“I tried, but there were dragons in it,” said Lucy Lawless, for her part. “I just can't get excited about like furies and dragons. It put me off.”


“I do wanna watch it, it looks fantastic,” said Liam Hemsworth, visibly agitated by a prior misunderstanding. “It looks great, I wanna watch it. I just…TV shows are so hard to sit down. Cause it's such a commitment, you know? That's a lot of time. That's a lot of hours of watching TV.”

Maybe stop going outside so much, Liam?

Watch the full roundup of answers above.