Celine Dion gives a very Celine Dion interview backstage at the Billboard Music Awards

LAS VEGAS – Celine Dion — multi-Grammy winner, Las Vegas performer and best-selling singer — dishes about what it is to be “successful.”

“It’s not about reinventing what you do, but freshening up,” she told the press room backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 19). “There’s hits, and then there’s the career. It’s up to every individual. It’s not how many albums you sell or how much money you make. To have success is not hard. To remain the person that you are is the most difficult thing to accomplish… That’s my biggest success.”

Dion also spoke on the status of her next album, with which she is very happy. She also is up on her second Vegas residency, which will feature 37 musicians on stage.

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