Charlie Sheen lined up as next ‘Comedy Central Roast’ victim

07.05.11 8 years ago

It’s time to see if Charlie Sheen can laugh at himself. Comedy Central announced today that the winning celebrity will be the next to be roasted, following a long line of notables such as Donald Trump, Pamela Anderson and William Shatner. 

Sheen’s antics, between his very public departure from “Two and a Half Men,” his legal battle with Chuck Lorre and his infamous “winning” rants, will make the perfect target for Comedy Central’s comic rabble rousers.

“You could say I’ve been providing kindling for this Roast for a while,” said Sheen. “It’s time to light it up.  It’s going to be epic.”

The “Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen” will be recorded in L.A. on Saturday, September 10.

It will air on Monday, September 19 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. If that date sounds familiar to you couch potatoes, it’s because it’s the same night Ashton Kutcher debuts as Sheen’s replacement on CBS’ “Two and a Half Men.”

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