The Latest ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer Proves Chewbacca Has Always Been A Sore Loser At 3D Chess

Chewbacca is a sore loser. That’s something that’s been known for over four decades. The lovable wookie has a dark side, and it’s his inability to keep his temper in check when he comes out on the losing end of a friendly competition. As an honorable thief in a galaxy full of scum and villainy, you could say Chewie’s bad sportsmanship is his one, true character flaw. The latest Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer shows that this isn’t a new thing when it comes to Dejarik.

As Han Solo says in A New Hope — wookies are known for pulling people’s arms out of their sockets when they lose. This means the race of tall hairballs with a love for bandoliers always have been and always will be jerks when it comes to gaming. If Chewbacca was in our universe, he’d be the type of guy who would break your controller after getting owned in Smash Bros. but is too scary to demand replacement cash from.

Since this trait seems to be passed down from generation to generation of wookie, it’s cool to see the latest Solo trailer really embrace Chewie’s inability to take an L with dignity. Sure, all of these nostalgia jokes are low hanging fruit, but they also reinforce the characters we’ve loved for so many years, and the old adage: Let the wookie win.

Now let’s imagine an alternate-universe Chewbacca going viral for raging after a loss.

(Via Collider)