Chris Hemsworth’s next movie role: Guilt-ridden doctor haunted by Hank Williams’ ghost

(CBR) While his “Thor” co-star is gearing up to play country singer Hank Williams in the near future, Chris Hemsworth is backing a decidedly different take on the music legend.

TheWrap reports the actor has signed on to produce and star in “I”ll Never Get Out of This World Alive,” based on the 2011 novel by singer Steve Earle. The story follows a fictionalized version of the “doctor” who contributed to Williams” untimely death in 1953. Ten years later, the now morphine-addicted Toby “Doc” Ebersole is haunted by the country crooner”s ghost, who picks away at his conscience.

While the producer role marks a new step in Hemsworth”s career, he”s not going into uncharted territory alone. “I”ll Never Get Out of This World Alive” will be helmed by first-time writer-director Benjamin Grayson, who served as Kenneth Branagh”s assistant on “Thor.”

And as the project comes together, Hemsworth has plenty else to keep him busy, with film projects both on the move and in development including a remake of the classic comedy “Vacation” and “The Huntsman” spinoff directed by Frank Darabont.