Chris Pratt and Chris Evans photobombed Super Bowl fans and now I need a sitcom

If you”ll recall, prior to Super Bowl XLIX Chris Evans and Chris Pratt got into a good-natured bout of trash talk on Twitter that culminated with the most adorable Super Bowl bet ever.

As gentlemen of their word, both Star-Lord and Captain America were on hand during the big game. Which was the perfect time to get up to shenanigans! Jimmy Fallon roped the Marvel stars into photobombing sports fans on the NBC Super Bowl Red Carpet and results are a straight out of fangirl heaven.

All the photos were flawless works of art waiting to be photoshopped into a variety of Tumblr GIF sets (do Star-Lord and Captain America have a ship name yet?), but some of them stood out…

#1: Chris Pratt gives seriously good SOON face. Run, dude, you”re about to be murdered!

#2: I don”t know about this new Subway ad campaign, you guys.


#4: Little known fact: The Evans” clan hails from Gummi-Glen.

#5: Where did you guys get this picture of my fanfic?