Christoph Waltz neither shaken nor stirred to talk James Bond during ‘Big Eyes’ press day

Tim Burton's “Big Eyes” chronicles the strange, amazing case of mid-century American artist Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), whose husband Walter (Christoph Waltz) fraudulently claimed her work as his own. Waltz's performance is downright dastardly, but the two-time Oscar winner was quick to play down any connections between Walter and his most nefarious role of all, Hans Landa in “Inglourious Basterds.”

“If you only know two people, then that [comparison] might be understandable,” he told HitFix in an interview. “But I hope you know more than that. Everybody has something hidden underneath. You have a lot hidden underneath that you might not be aware of, like everyone else. Or you're aware of it, but you're scared of it so you keep the lid on as tightly as possible [so as] not to confront that. That's why Tim is a master storyteller. He can kick the lid off.”

Speaking of keeping things hidden, Waltz opted not to discuss his upcoming role in “Spectre,” the next film in the James Bond franchise.

“I haven't even started on James Bond yet. What would I have to say about it?” he said. “I said what there is to say when there was a press conference.” He added, “Where would I put my enthusiasm for 'Big Eyes' if I had to satisfy people's futile speculations [about James Bond]?”

While we have almost a year to wait until we get to see Waltz in a 007 caper, we do have the shocking story of “Big Eyes” to help slake our thirst for his sinister stylings.

“[Big Eyes] a pleasurable experience that takes the moviemaking experience seriously again,” Waltz said. “It takes the audience seriously again. It takes storytelling seriously.