Hell’s bells, ‘Interstellar’ got a Cinema Audio Society sound mixing nomination

Nominations have been announced for the 51st annual Cinema Audio Society Awards, and as ever with this group lately, there are a few surprises. For instance, “Unbroken” made the cut despite being mostly ignored by the guilds and industry groups so far, and Marvel's “Guardians of the Galaxy” showed up as well. The biggest jaw-dropper might just be that after months of being the poster child for sound complaints, somehow, some way, “Interstellar” ended up in the mix (no pun intended).

There are always one or two that drop out, however. Last year, for example, another Marvel movie – “Iron Man 3” – was chalked up here. But it fell out in favor of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” with the Academy. I find myself wondering if “The Battle of the Five Armies” could make the cut this year as it's even more of an action/sound film than the last.

I'd really say only one of the film nominees was fully expected: “American Sniper.” It could well win both sound categories at the Oscars, too. The other nominee, “Birdman,” was also chalked up by BAFTA. The Brits went on to include “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “The Imitation Game” and (inspired, this) “Whiplash.” So I'm damned if I can figure out what that all means for the branch this year.

Check out the full list of nominees below. Winners will be announced on Feb. 14. And keep up with the rest of the year's goings-on at The Circuit.


Motion Picture – Live Action

“American Sniper”
Production Mixer: Walt Martin, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Gregg Rudloff
Re-recording Mixer: John Reitz
Scoring Mixer: Robert Fernandez
ADR Mixer: Thomas J. O'Connell
Foley Mixer: James Ashwell

“Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)”
Production Mixer: Thomas Varga
Re-recording Mixer: Jon Taylor, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Frank A. Montaño
Scoring Mixer: Gustavo Borner
ADR Mixer: Jason Oliver
Foley Mixer: John Sanacore, CAS

“Guardians of the Galaxy”
Production Mixer: Simon Hayes, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Lora Hirschberg
Re-recording Mixer: Christopher Boyes
Scoring Mixer: Gustavo Borner
ADR Mixer: Doc Kane
Foley Mixer: Chris Manning

Production Mixer: Mark Weingarten, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Gary A. Rizzo, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Gregg Landaker
Scoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson, CAS
ADR Mixer: Thomas J. O'Connell
Foley Mixer: Mary Jo Lang, CAS

Production Mixer: David Lee
Re-recording Mixer: Jon Taylor, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Frank A. Montaño
Scoring Mixer: Jonathan Allen
ADR Mixer: Paul Drenning, CAS
Foley Mixer: John Guentner

Motion Picture – Animated

“Big Hero 6”
Original Dialogue Mixer: Gabriel Guy, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: David E. Fluhr, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Gabriel Guy, CAS
Scoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson, CAS
Foley Mixer: Mary Jo Lang, CAS

“The Boxtrolls”
Original Dialogue Mixer – Carlos Sotolongo
Re-recording Mixer: Tom Myers
Re-recording Mixer: Ren Klyce
Re-recording Mixer: Nathan Nance
Scoring Mixer: Nick Wollage
Foley Mixer: Mary Jo Lang, CAS

“How to Train Your Dragon 2”
Original Dialogue Mixer: Tighe Sheldon
Re-recording Mixer: Randy Thom, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Shawn Murphy
Re-recording Mixer: Brandon Proctor
Scoring Mixer: Shawn Murphy
Foley Mixer: Corey Tyler

“The LEGO Movie”
Original Dialogue Mixer: Thomas J. O'Connell
Re-recording Mixer: Michael Semanick, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Gregg Rudloff
Re-recording Mixer: Wayne Pashley
Scoring Mixer: Brad Haehnel
Foley Mixer: John Simpson

“Penguins of Madagascar”
Original Dialogue Mixer: Tighe Sheldon
Re-recording Mixer: Paul N.J. Ottosson, CAS
Scoring Mixer: Dennis Sands, CAS
Foley Mixer: Randy K. Singer, CAS

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Television Movie or Mini-Series

“American Horror Story: Monsters Among Us”
Production Mixer: Bruce Litecky, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Joe Earle, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Doug Andham, CAS
ADR Mixer: Evan Daum
Foley Mixer: Kyle Billingsley

“Fargo” – “Part 2 – The Rooster Prince”
Production Mixer: Michael Playfair, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: David Raines, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Mark Server
ADR Mixer: Andrew Morgado

“Houdini” – “Part 1”
Production Mixer: Tamas Csaba, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Onnalee Blank, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Ken Burton, CAS
ADR Mixer: Chris Navarro, CAS

“The Normal Heart”
Production Mixer: Drew Kunin
Re-recording Mixer: Joe Earle, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Doug Andham, CAS
ADR Mixer: Beauxregard Neylon
Foley Mixer: Scott Curtis

“Sherlock” – “His Last Vow”
Production Mixer: John Mooney
Re-recording Mixer: Howard Bargroff
Scoring Mixer: Nick Wollage
ADR Mixer – Peter Gleaves
Foley Mixer: William Everett

Television Series – 1 Hour

“Boardwalk Empire” – “Friendless Child”
Production Mixer: Franklin D. Stettner, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Tom Fleischman, CAS
ADR Mixer: Mark DeSimone, CAS
Foley Mixer: George Lara, CAS

“Game of Thrones” – “The Children”
Production Mixer: Ronan Hill, CAS
Production Mixer: Richard Dyer, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Onnalee Blank, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Mathew Waters, CAS
Foley Mixer: Brett Voss, CAS

“Homeland” – “Redux”
Production Mixer: Diethard Keck
Re-recording Mixer: Nello Torri, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Alan M. Decker, CAS
ADR Mixer: Stephen Webster
Foley Mixer: Shawn Kennelly

“True Detective” – “Who Goes There”
Production Mixer: Geoffrey Patterson, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Martin Czembor

“The Walking Dead” – “No Sanctuary”
Production Mixer: Michael P. Clark, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Gary D. Rogers, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Daniel J. Hiland, CAS

Television Series – 1/2 Hour

“Family Guy” – “The Simpsons Guy”
Production Mixer: Patrick Clark
Re-recording Mixer: James Fitzpatrick, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Arman Steiner

“Modern Family – “Australia”
Production Mixer: Stephen A. Tibbo, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Dean Okrand, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Brian Harman, CAS

“Nurse Jackie” – “The Lady With the Lamp”
Production Mixer: Jan McLaughlin, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: Peter Waggoner

“Parks and Recreation” – “Moving Up”
Production Mixer: Steven Michael Morantz, CAS
Re-recording Mixer: John W. Cook II, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Robert Carr, CAS

“Veep” – “Detroit”
Production Mixer: William Macpherson

Television Non-Fiction, Variety or Music Series or Specials

“Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey” – “Standing Up in the Milky Way”
Re-recording Mixer: Mark Hensley
Re-recording Mixer: Joel D. Catalan
ADR Mixer: Paul Aranoff
Foley Mixer: David Torres

“Deadliest Catch” – “Lost at Sea”
Re-Recording Mixer: Bob Bronow, CAS

“Foo Fighters Sonic Highways” – “Los Angeles”
Re-Recording Mixer – Eddie Kim
Sound Mixer – Jeff Fuller

“2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony”
Re-Recording Mixer: Brian Riordan, CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Jamie Ledner
Music Mixer: Jay Vicari
Music Mixer: Bob Clearmountain

“The Roosevelts: An Intimate History” – “Part 3 – The Fire of Life”
Re-Recording Mixer: Dominick Tavella, CAS
Pre-production Mixer – Lou Verrico


Cinela – Pianissimo Microphone Suspension and Windscreen
K-Tek – Stingray bag
RF Venue – Optix Remote Antenna Distribution
Sound Devices – Dante and MADI Audio Recorder model 970
Zaxcom – Wide Band Digital Recording Wireless System, QRX200, TRXLA2.5 and RX-12


Avid – S6 Control Surface
Exponential Audio – Phoenixverb Surround
iZotope – RX4-Advanced
Maggot Software – Spanner v2.1
Source Elements – Source-Connect Pro v3.8