Claire Danes can’t go home again in ‘Homeland’ season 4 trailer

and 07.21.14 5 years ago


There”s no place like “Homeland,” there”s no place like Homeland,” there”s no place like Homeland.”

That”s what the first full trailer for the fourth season of Showtime”s Emmy-winning thriller would have you believe, at least. Claire Danes returns to her award-winning role as Carrie Mathison, an unstable but undeniably talented counter-terrorism operative with years of experience working in the Middle East. After losing the love of her life in the season three finale, Carrie races forward in a Brody-free world – and viewers will likewise have to adjust to a Homeland” without Damian Lewis as the treacherous Nicolas Brody.

Thankfully, there”s always Saul.

Check out the trailer and full poster below. “Homeland” returns on October 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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