Everything that’s ever been important happens at an EDM festival

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According to both popular music and Hollywood movies, you cannot underestimate the power of clubs. If you just made lots of money, if your company went public, or if you just got famous, you know where have to go? A club. At the club, there are scantily clad people, trays of shot glasses, and cash money thrown around like leaflet paper. If your life is on the upswing, you can't avoid going to this place. I guess it's not as cinematic to show a newly minted, wildly successful person simply browsing the Amazon store for socks. I mean, that's the first thing I would do. (I didn't get to be this successful wasting my money in clubs.) 

EDM festivals are just like clubs, but they're all day long, involve younger people, and there's less random cash floating in the air. It's still an important place. You still have to go there if you want to be a success in life. And nothing says successful more than becoming a DJ, otherwise known as playing other people's music on a turntable.

As we learn in the trailer for XOXO, Ryan Hansen's character has seen many DJs, so he knows which are good at playing other people's music and which are bad at playing other people's music. He's the ultimate arbiter of this skill, so when young Ethan travels from his lonely bedroom all the way to the XOXO festival to meet him, everything's on the line. Can Ethan play other people's music in the best possible way? Ryan Hansen tells him, “Your whole life is gonna change.” There you go. Destiny is destiny. Buy everything on credit cards, Ethan, because you just made it to the big time.   

“This is real music. It's not meant to be the soundtrack to people getting wasted,” says Chris D'Elias's character. Wrong! So wrong! I mean, as we track across the festival and find two women licking each other's tongues. Are they just confused about how kissing works? Are they aliens who are imitating human kissing but don't have it exactly right? Find out on Netflix.

If you believe that EDM festivals aren't just about having a good time, but they are the ultimate rite of passage, then this movie is for you. Where some people see an abundance of glow sticks and illicit substances, others see the one and only way to express your individual freedom, especially if are attractive, willing to take the same drugs as your friends, and open to genuflecting to Close Encounters type lighting designs. 

Who am I to judge? You go watch this movie on your browser. I'm on my browser buying socks.