What is Going on in the Nerve Trailer?

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I don't understand this one. I was minding my own business watching some TV last night, when the ad for Nerve came on. I wanted to like it. It's an update of The Game with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. (Sean Penn had incredible foresight when he figured out exactly how Michael Douglas's character would commit suicide so that he could trick him into safely landing into a celebration ceremony.)

I got the first half of the trailer. There's an app that's like truth or dare. People do dares while an audience watches on their mobile phone. That's how Dave Franco and Emma Roberts meet. Cute couple. Got it. The dares get increasingly more daring. Makes sense so far. Suddenly leather suited, Guy Fawkes mask wearing anarchists with guns appear! What happened? Where did they come from? Why is Dave Franco is hanging off a catwalk and screaming they have to do these things to “survive.” What happened between running half naked through a mall and motorcycling through the Lincoln Tunnel, desperately trying to evade the clutches of the mutants from the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. I don't know about this one. If you can't see me, I'm scratching my head. 

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