Cobra Starship and Mac Miller’s ‘Middle Finger’ gets official release

01.04.12 7 years ago

“Middle Finger” may be the cheeriest song about flipping the bird ever released.

Fans of Mac Miller and Cobra Starship (and whatever that seemingly small overlapping intersection may be) will surely already be familiar with the downright jaunty, toe-tapper about throwing your middle fingers up, “to the sky-y-y-y” since the promotional track surfaced on the internet months ago.

Now, however, the song will get its proper release as an official single from Cobra Starship”s  2011 album, “Night Shades,” according to The Boombox. Available on iTunes starting yesterday, it goes to radio next week. 

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But as the lyrics describe, you really don”t need to be irritated to point upward. In fact, in this song, it”s really an expression of happiness, perhaps after you’ve had a few drinks. This could leave room for lots of confusion and possible misinterpretation. That”s all I”m saying.

“It’s just like a fun song,” Cobra Starship lead singer Gabe Saporta told The BoomBox. “We shot a video for it. It kind of reminds us of the videos we used to make before we had video budgets. It’s a really fun video for us.”  Until the new video surfaces, you can enjoy the lyric video below.

Cobra Starship is coming off its top 10 hit, “You Make Me Feel…” featuring Sabi  and Miller probably still hasn”t come back to earth after debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart with “Blue Side Park.”

What do you think of the Stargate-produced “Middle Finger?”

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