Jimmy Fallon got Jennifer Lawrence to do a bunch of ridiculous dance moves

We've seen Jimmy Fallon do Mom Dances (with Michelle Obama), Dad Dances (with Chris Christie), and Tight Pants Dances (with Jennifer Lopez), among others. Now it's time for him to do a few insane late-night infomercial dances with Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence stopped by “The Tonight Show” last night to (of course) promote the upcoming “Hunger Games” movie. Fallon mentioned that there's an infomercial called “Come Dance With Us!” making the rounds, featuring two dance instructors named Des and Dash who look just like them. To demonstrate, he played three clips.

Okay, it's a shaky premise, but pays off when you see a bewigged Fallon and Lawrence do the “Brow Brow Chicken Cow,” the “Disco Binoculars,” and their apparent personal favorite, the “Check the Door.”

Not bad, although I have a feeling the funniest part of the sketch was what the home viewers didn't get to see: Fallon and Lawrence getting into costume and running back and forth to the desk between sketches.