Come on back to Stars Hollow: We’ve got the first photos of the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival

Well, well, well: Look what appeared in our inbox this morning: the first photos from the Gilmore Girls revival! The press release promises the series, which will be divided into four 90-minute-long movies, will bring “your favorite Stars Hollow residents back together,” and includes Melissa McCarthy's Sookie St. James on that list. For all that back and forth on whether or not McCarthy was invited back in the first place (culminating in a last-minute deal to ensure her return for what can't be more than a very brief cameo … right?), they sure were happy to get McCarthy's name on the promo materials! 

You won't see McCarthy in these first photos, but many of your beloved characters from the WB/CW show are here, including Lorelai and Rory (now apparently working as a teacher), Luke and Emily (now a widow, as Edward Herrmann, who played her husband, died in 2014).

No premiere date yet, but Netflix says it'll be sometime later this year.