Comfort food and the holiday crush

So that happened.

There is a nasty stomach flu working its way around Los Angeles, and someone made sure I got my turn with it. It was the sort of thing where I just couldn't focus or think or work comfortably, and I ended up sleeping more in one week than I have in the last three months. I'm finally on the mend and feeling human just in time for the holiday, but it's made me curious about what sort of media you turn to when you're at home and feeling lousy.

In my case, I watched a few movies that had been sent over as screeners, but for the most part, I went back and watched big blocks of comedies I enjoy. A few early seasons of “It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” a few early seasons of “The League,” and a few early seasons of “Parks and Recreation.” I've seen all of those episodes before, but I rarely go back to TV after I've seen it once. In this case, that particular mix of stuff was enough for me to be able to stay engaged but not so taxing that I minded if I fell asleep as I was watching.

I've got a bunch of reviews to get through today and tomorrow, and I've got a special holiday Film Nerd 2.0 I'm working on, and I've got one final look back at 2014 in which I'm going to deal with everything else I loved this year that was not a movie.

Sorry things got quiet, but this was that rare moment where even writing seemed to be hard for me to pull together.