Matt Damon’s butt is to thank for the sound of ‘Bourne Identity’

“The whole key to Bourne in 2002 was Matt Damon”s ass.”

That”s what composer John Powell told the Comic-Con crowd during a panel today.

Powell recalled that when he first wrote some of the score of Bourne Identity, he got the feedback that the music was too fast-paced.

But “[Bourne]”s not in a rush. A lot of it was really based on the speed of Matt Damon”s buttocks. That”s where the main riff came from,” Powell said on the panel of film and TV composers, called Musical Anatomy of a Superhero.

Seriously, watch those movies closely and you”ll see this guy doesn”t break a sweat. Damon had to have the least ADR for grunts of effort of any action hero. He doesn”t need to run. He doesn”t need to catch his breath. Cause he”s that badass.