Comic-Con: Jesse Eisenberg has a question, and the winners can see ’30 Minutes Or Less’ early

07.18.11 8 years ago

One of the new trends that I really like at Comic-Con this year is more screenings of finished films.  I’m a big fan of that, and I think there’s no better word of mouth than when people get to see an entire movie.  So far, we’ve heard about “Captain America,” “Attack The Block,” and of course, “Cowboys and Aliens,” but now we’re also pleased to announce that “30 Minutes Or Less” is going to be screening on Friday night, the 22nd, and we’ve got a way for you to attend that event.

It will be an event, too, since Aziz Ansari, Nick Swardson, Michael Pena, and director Ruben Fleischer will all be there to introduce the film before it starts at 8:00 PM and then do a Q&A afterwards.  It’s such a quick flick, too, running a lean 90 minutes, that you can do this and enjoy it all and still have plenty of time for trouble on Friday night.

I got a chance to see the film last week, and while I won’t be running a full review until the week of release, I enjoyed it.  It’s another of this summer’s R-rated comedies that take full advantage of the rating, and it’s all about chemistry.  Aziz and Jesse Eisenberg are both very funny in it, and Michael Pena continues to prove himself one of the strangest and funniest guys working right now.

We decided to enlist the great Aziz and the equally great Jesse Eisenberg to help us hand out the tickets, and we decided to have a little fun with it.  There’s a question you need to answer if you want the tickets, and I’ll let them ask it in the video that’s embedded above.



We’ve got 15 tickets to give away, and once we’ve chosen the winners, we’ll send you the location of the screening and you’ll be able to check in at the door.  You’ve got until 5:00 PM PST on Wednesday the 20th to enter the contest, and comments on this story are disabled so that no one posts the answer here.

I hope you guys win the tickets if you want them, and that you enjoy the film.  Team HitFix will be all over the place at Comic-Con, and I hope to see you there.  Please feel free to say hello, since it’s not often we get a chance to meet you guys face-to-face, and Comic-Con is the perfect opportunity to finally do so.  You’re the most important part of HitFix, since without you reading, there’d be no point to anything else we do, and giving out tickets like this is one way we can say “thanks”.

“30 Minutes Or Less” opens in theaters everywhere August 5, 2011.

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