Conan Is Taking The Show On The Road To Mexico For A Special Episode

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Conan is taking the show on the road! The late night host announced on Thursday that he would be filming a special set of episodes south of the border in none other than the President of the United States’ favorite place, Mexico. Conan purposely cited the current relations between the two countries when explaining this decision, and is going above and beyond to make it so that the episode is truly “filmed in Mexico.” O’Brien plans to rent out a studio in Mexico, hire and all Mexico crew to staff the shoot, and welcome only Mexican guests to his stage in front of a studio audience made up of only Mexican citizens.

The title of this gigantic but worthwhile undertaking will be Conan Without Borders: Made In Mexico. Conan and his trusty sidekick Andy Richter seem excited about the endeavor, and they left things open for further special event episodes of this type. Conan especially is clearly looking forward to trying this out, talking about how cool it will be to meet different people and try something new. He even put forward the idea that if everything “gels” they might move there permanently because that’s where he’s “supposed to be.” Which seems highly unlikely, but TBS has let him take the reins and do crazy things before so maybe moving the entire show to a different country is the right thing to do. He could have a bigger audience there than he has in the United States, or at least he would after half the country decides to avoid the Trump Presidency completely.

Conan is also giving everybody as much advance notice as possible to set your DVRs or make sure you have it noted in the calendar, as this episode will air in just over a month’s time on March 1st at 10pm.

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