‘Conan’ Crashes On Wonder Woman’s Paradise Island On His Way To Comic-Con And Gets A Rude Awakening

Conan kicked off his 2017 stay at Comic-Con with another fun cold open, this time sending him off to the home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. At first he’s got a nice road trip planned with his co-host Andy Richter, but the two soon spar over the radio. This is something we can all relate with, but Conan is forgetting the main rule about riding in someone else’s vehicle. They control the radio.

Richter ends up throwing him out and then Conan likely succumbs to heat stroke, sending him into a world of German WWI fighter planes, an endless amount of clouds, and the beautiful island of Themyscira. Coco washes ashore and is greeted by some of the Amazons (including Lauren Lapkus and Veep‘s Mary Holland) who are a little confused by his identity compared to the men they were taught about from legend. He tries to convince them that he’s really a man, even taking on the lasso of truth to truly give the Amazons a firm answer on his status as a “dude.”

This leads exactly where you’re probably thinking and Conan is asked to pull out his little Coco in order to show the Amazons what they’ve only heard about in stories. This doesn’t go well and Conan ends up being launched off the island like a bag of drugs over the wall with Mexico.

Where does this rank with Conan’s past Comic-Con intros? Probably between the Mad Max intro from 2015 at the top and his Batman V Superman fight with Andy from 2016 below it. You have to like that Andy’s choice of ride to get to Comic-Con hasn’t gotten much better since 2015, though the music has gotten worse. I’d much rather have the Doof Warrior playing me from Los Angeles to San Diego.

The rest of the week is sure to hold a few more surprises along the way, with Game Of Thrones closing out the week on Sunday.

(Via Team Coco)