Conan Does A ‘Wonder Woman’ Workout With Gal Gadot And Makes A Fool Of Himself

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We’re usually in for something pretty good when Conan leaves his studio for a remote segment. We’ve probably said that very statement numerous times in the past, but it remains true. He also gets the added bonus of having access to the Warner Bros. lot and all of their connected properties, like say Wonder Woman. He’s done a lot in the past with DC Comics, including a fantastic segment with DC animation and an interview with the entire cast of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but this segment might be his most active of the bunch.

After joking about meeting Gal Gadot in an abandoned warehouse, the two go through some of the training the actress had to endure in order to get into Wonder Woman shape. This includes some swordplay, a proper lesson in kicking, and even a chance to put on the tiara and bracelets. It goes well enough, even if Conan ends up looking pretty foolish and even gets a fake bullet to the head.

Later he bulks up a little by donning his Comic-Con superhero costume and tries to squeeze his way into a last minute cameo in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. It doesn’t work, even with the much larger physique and crafty editing. If he would’ve shown up as the Flaming C, things might’ve been a little different. Regrow the beard and show up in those fishnets if you want to seriously be in the DC Universe.

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