Counting down the 10 best ‘Daredevil’ creative runs

(CBR) For decades, Marvel’s “Daredevil” title has been the place for innovative writers and artists to prove themselves, often before before venturing out and tackling the big guns of the Marvel Universe. From the day Stan Lee and Bill Everett introduced Matt Murdock’s alter ego, fans and creators alike have recognized that there was something special about the character, something which often brings out the best of the writers and artists involved in crafting his legacy.

Now, as writer Mark Waid wraps up the current chapter of the Hell’s Kitchen hero’s life and sets out to launch a new “Daredevil” #1 with returning artist Chris Samnee, plus a live-action Daredevil series coming to Netflix (just typing that gives us goose bumps), we take a look at the greatest creative runs in the character’s rich history, which propelled the creators involved into the next level of stardom.