Craig Ferguson grills ‘Late Late Show’ successor James Corden

Craig Ferguson grills “Late Late Show” successor James Corden
“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Ferguson, adding: “Got any plans?” To which Corden responded: “Not as many as I should have, really.” PLUS: Ferguson and Corden say goodbye.

Stephen Colbert holds a yard sale
Colbert recently invited the public to buy his “Colbert Report” memorabilia. PLUS: Explore the “Colbert” set on Google Streetview.

“Survivor's” 30th season will be “Worlds Apart” with 3 tribes
“It”s White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar,” says Jeff Probst of “Survivor: Worlds Apart.” “White Collars are the people who typically in life are educated, might work in an office, wear a suit-they make the rules. Blue Collar-the heart of America. They typically work outdoors. They might wear a uniform. They work with their hands. They follow the rules. And the No Collars are the people who break the rules. They don”t go by convention. They don”t care about the status quo.”

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See “Glee” Season 6 cast photos
Compare the cast”s promo photos from Season 1 vs. Season 6.

Police discover a “Breaking Bad”-style RV with a meth lab
Actually, the RV taken into custody by Michigan State Police included two meth labs and a pipe bomb.

Jimmy Kimmel sends an audience member on a scavenger hunt to get engaged to “Elmo”
Kimmel helped one of his fans propose wearing an Elmo suit.

“Comedy Bang! Bang!” returns with Maya Rudolph, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, NFL vet Eddie George
The Jan. 9 Season 4 premiere will include Rudolph, Nick Kroll and Ferguson.

“Degrassi: The Next Generation”s” Season 1 cast: Where are they now?
Was Drake the only successful to become a bigger celebrity?

Watch Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch and “30 Rock”s” Scott Adsit improvise an NPR show in 1997
It”s a full 15-minute sketch of Dratch and Fey before they were on “Saturday Night Live.”

Michael Buble likes doing “Christmas in New York,” but he isn”t interested in a variety show
“The truth is, if I”m going to perform, I”d rather do it in the capacity of either a singer or an actor,” he says. “I”d rather go and do a movie or write a sitcom for myself than to be a host, because I”m not a host,” he says. “I”m an entertainer.”

How “Once Upon a Time” Created Anna”s fairy-tale wedding dress
Costume designer Eduardo Castro says: “That was one of my favorite wedding dresses I've ever done.”

“The 100” star defends midseason finale twist
“It was a pretty crazy night,” recalls Eliza Taylor.

The 6 most baffling holiday specials ever made
From 1984″s “Mr. T and Emmanuel Lewis in a Christmas Dream” to 1978″s “The Star Wars Holiday Special.”