‘Cristela’ gets a full-season pickup

“Cristela” gets a full-season pickup
The freshman comedy joins “Black-ish” in getting picked up.

Some “Dancing with the Stars” fans were upset that ABC interrupted the show for Ferguson news
George Stephanopoulos broke into the 2nd hour of tonight”s finals to anchor coverage of the Ferguson decision.

Bill Cosby biographer says “I was wrong” to ignore rape allegations
Mark Whitaker, whose book “Cosby” caused a stir for omitting rape allegations when it was released earlier this year, tweeted today: “I was wrong to not deal with the sexual assault charges against Cosby and pursue them more aggressively. I am following new developments and will address them at the appropriate time. If true the stories are shocking and horrible.”

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Chris Harrison slaps “The Bachelor” in new promo
Watch Chris Soules as “Prince Farming.

Is “#Winning” the worst-ever proposed sitcom title?
Should NBC”s proposed sitcom come to fruition with its title intact, “#Winning” could lead to some really negative headlines.

Amy Poehler exiting her role as Old Navy spokesperson
She”ll be replaced by a new spokesperson next month.

Matthew Weiner wants his “Mad Men” cast to win Emmys, but didn”t write any Emmy bait for his actors
Says Weiner: “I wouldn't know how to do that if I tried – when I see what wins, and the clips, I think, 'I would never do that….' It just doesn't fit the style of our show. There's always some story about why someone did it, and I don't think it's content. There's not enough screen time, or this or that.”

“The Mentalist” boss: “There”s no reason why it couldn”t continue” on another network
“But,” adds exec producer Bruno Heller, “when you”ve done seven years and have an end date, people concentrate on that. For the audience it”s important to give a sense of closure. To a degree, it”s up to Simon (Baker). and I”d do whatever Simon wants to do.”

Check out Jon Hamm on UK”s “Black Mirror” Christmas special
The “Mad Men” star is joined by “Game of Thrones” alum Oona Chaplin on the special airing Dec. 16.

Rob Lowe: “What 'Parks and Rec' really absolutely did is give me membership into the cool-people comedy club”
Lowe talks about his DirecTV ads, his return to “Parks and Recreation” last week, and the “literally” note he got when he exited the series.

A ridiculous number of animal-related shows will be “clogging” TV in the next few days
From “The Jellyfish: Revenge From Just a Few Feet Offshore” to “The Whale: Revenge From the Deep” to “Grumpy Cat”s Worst Christmas Ever.”

What would “Homeland” be like without Carrie and Saul?
Could the HBO series survive a revamp with a whole new cast?

Why Rachel McAdams needs “True Detective”
The actress famous for “The Notebook” and “Mean Girls” hasn”t had box office success in recent years. The HBO series will give her a chance to “flex her acting talent” in front of many eyeballs, as Ben Travers points out. “True Detective” could also help Taylor Kitsch, whose never really found much success outside of “Friday Night Lights.”

“The Good Wife” is portraying atheists differently
Alicia”s “personal feelings about religion do not affect how she behaves legally, politically, or socially,” as Regina Lizik notes. “This is in contrast to the way that the media often positions atheists-as people who will infringe on the right of religious expression.” PLUS: Matthew Goode is in the dark on “The Good Wife.”

Bravo”s “Friends to Lovers?” will try to find out if friends can fall in love
Five pairs of friends will attempt to become lovers on the reality show kicking off Jan. 12.

Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett have brought weirdness back to “SNL”
The Good Neighbor sketch group members have become the true successors to The Lonely Island.

Why the late MTV star Diem Brown lied about her age
Brown was born in 1980, yet her funeral program listed her birth year as 1982. As her sister explains, “Diem took a couple of years off of her age because of all the years lost, starting and stopping her journalism career because of treatments.”

Showtime to marathon “Homeland” and “The Affair” on Thanksgiving Weekend
“Homeland” Season 4″s nine already-aired episodes will be shown on Saturday, with “The Affair” marathoning on Sunday.

Every “How I Met Your Mother” Thanksgiving episode, ranked
“Slapsgiving” is, of course, No. 1.