CulturePop No. 40 – Steve Silverman, Ginger Parker, Oscars, LiLo

Is it possible to say we had too much fun with this podcast? Possibly, but that had a lot to do with the return of our favorite guest (and that's saying something), Steve Silverman. The writer-director popped by to introduce us to his friend Ginger Parker, who has a new Web series, “Beverly Pills,” debuting Monday, March 10 at But that wasn't all we talked about. And we were drinking. That was our way to salute the series, which is about a spoiled rich girl who starts dealing prescription drugs after she loses her income stream. Yeah, that's why we were drinking.

In any case, we talked about lots of other stuff, like the Oscars, Lindsay Lohan, “Dallas,” “Millionaire Matchmaker” and more. Did we tell you about Ginger's time on “Millionaire Matchmaker”? Oh yeah, that happened. Just listen. At least we had fun!

:015 – 9:00 We discuss “Beverly Pills” and the big obstacle Steve faces in doing another season of “The Inn”

9:25 –  “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Terese Giudice's trial 

12:25 – Steve professes his love for a Lifetime ghost story series, “The Haunting of…”

14:50 – Melinda has a mean moment!

15:50 – Ginger was ON “Millionaire Matchmaker.” This is a GREAT story.

22:00 – Steve met Patti Stanger and has a 

25:15 – “Southern Charm” 

26:40 – We discuss “stabbin' cabins” at length. 

28:10 – “Private Lives of Nashville Wives”

30:10 – “Dallas” – Steve is over it. 

34: 15 – “Lindsay” – Ginger and Steve debate both sides of the LiLo issue. Does she deserve another chance?

41:22 – Our favorite Oscars moments.

Watch the teaser for “Beverly Pills” below: