CW working on an updated ‘biopunk’ version of ‘the Avenger’

(CBR) The CW is looking way back for a new television drama. Deadline reports that “Under the Dome” producer Neal Baer and Conde Nast Entertainment plan to update the classic pulp vigilante the Avenger for the young-skewing network.

Created by Paul Ernst in 1939 for the pulp house Street and Smith, the Avenger mixed elements of The Shadow and Doc Savage. Richard Henry Benson was your average globetrotting rich guy who was just about to settle down when his wife Alicia and daughter Alice were killed. The incident hit Benson so hard that his face and hair turned white and he decided to dedicate himself to vengeance. The character appeared in several pulp stories as well as DC Comics” “Justice Inc.” and, most recently, a few Moonstone books and comics.

The TV project, which will most likely be retitled, is described as “an updated Biopunk version of ‘The Avenger’.” “Warehouse 13” writers Deric Hughes and Benjamin Raab have penned the script, which focuses on Alice Benson, a young woman who discovers she has face-changing abilities after her parents are killed. The result of bio-hacking, Alice uses her powers to find out what happened to her folks.