Someone could get really hurt in The CW’s superhero fight club

10.03.16 1 year ago

I think The CW just used half the year's budget on superhero fight club. The casts of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl join forces in this new extended promo for DC TV.

The Flash and Arrow are set to start their new seasons this week on October 4th and 5th respectively while Supergirl will join her fellow DC superheroes on The CW on October 10th and Legends of Tomorrow premieres on October 13. But before their actual 4-part crossover, the gang got together for superhero fight club.

And…it is really detailed.

There's so much going on here and so many effects being used I feel like they should have made this part of an actual episode. Not that it makes any real logical sense but it's actually as exciting to watch as some of their better episodes.

But seriously, handcuffs? On Supergirl?

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