Daenerys Is Tempting Fate With Her ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Outfit Choice


Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has regrets about bleaching her hair Mother of Dragons blonde (she called the decision “frigging stupid”), but on the bright side: at least she gets to wear cool outfits?

During a recent panel at the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing in Los Angeles, Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton (who’s won five Emmys for her work on the HBO series and The Crown, including Outstanding Fantasy/Science Fiction at this year’s ceremony) called Daenerys Targaryen’s white fur coat, as seen above, her favorite costume from the show. As for her look in season eight, Clapton teased, “When we see her now, she’s starting to wear the colors of her brother [Viserys]. What does that say about her?”

It says that Dany is tempting fate by wearing the same thing as her sibling, who was killed by Khal Drogo when he got too cocky. (Make that siblings: Viserys may have been wearing her brother Rhaegar’s hand-me-downs. That doesn’t help her “trying to stay alive” cause, either. Rhaegar is also the father of her new lover, Jon Snow, which is just creepy.) Either that, or she digs the Targaryen red-and-black color scheme. To be fair, it does look cool:

These two moments pictured are also the moments of their greatest mistakes. Rhaegar marries Lyanna Stark in this outfit, dooming the 300-year reign of the Targaryen dynasty. Viserys is wearing it out in the desert, where he will soon die at Khal Drogo’s hand. If Dany is going to find herself in an outfit matching the same ones as her two brothers, will it also be at the moment of her greatest mistake?

Daenerys better [Kendrick Lamar voice] be humble, or else she might suffer the same fate as her siblings. As for Emilia Clarke’s on-screen paramour, Kit Harington, he warned fans that they may not be satisfied with the finale. “I think a TV series that’s spanned eight, nine years is an incredibly difficult thing to end,” he said. “I think not everyone’s going to be happy, you know, and you can’t please everyone. My favorite TV shows are Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and The Wire, and they all ended in a way that… It’s never going to satisfy you.”

Two things jump out here: 1) for what it’s worth, Daenerys dying would count as an unsatisfying resolution for the millions of viewers who call her their favorite character, and 2) Jon Snow really needs to watch Deadwood.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)