Daft Punk co-wrote Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’

If you caught Kanye West’s performance on new song “Black Skinhead” on “Saturday Night Live,” you may not have noticed further that Daft Punk helped co-write the feral tune.

In the “info” section of the Vevo page for the performance video, Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are listed as co-composers of the tune, as the forum Kanye To The points out.

Daft Punk told Rolling Stone a couple months ago that they had joined Ye in his Paris studio.

“It was very raw: he was rapping – kind of screaming primally, actually,” Thomas says. “Kanye doesn”t give a f*ck.”

Guess that describes just this tune. Think they’ll be on others? We’ll find out soon enough, as West does a great, mysterious unveiling of his next album “Yeezus,” which may or may not have album art, on June 18. There is no pre-order for the album.

West was busy at the end of last month executing his “projections” promotional concept surrounding new song “New Slaves.” He projected the video for the song onto various building and structures across the country and parts of Europe at appointed times.

Daft Punk continues to reign on singles and albums charts with their fresh set “Random Access Memories” and single “Get Lucky.