Daisy Ridley Pulls Off The Princess Leia Buns While Playing A ‘Star Wars’ Whisper Challenge On ‘Fallon’

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While the story of Rey and her eventual fate in the Star Wars franchise has yet to be revealed, Daisy Ridley rocked a classic look during her appearance on The Tonight Show that should make people connect some dots. Those people are probably grasping at straws, but Ridley does rock the faux-buns pretty well in this Star Wars-themed edition of the Whisper Challenge. Spaceballs did it better, but she’s a close second.

She’s also impressed with this game, even with the Star Wars quotes that don’t appear in the films she stars in. Jimmy Fallon still makes it seem like this is less a game and more an excuse for him to just shout out silly phrases. Normally it would work, but the Star Wars theme betrays his instincts and his performance. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean the drop in ratings is getting to him and fraying his talents. He’s already likely had enough on him after the loss of his mother earlier in the month.

It is still a fun segment and Daisy Ridley seems like she’s thrilled to be part of the Star Wars team. Still, a little surprising Fallon didn’t give her a chance to show off her lightsaber technique, but this is a good alternative.

(Via The Tonight Show)

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