Damon Lindelof On What We Can Expect From ‘The Leftovers’ Third And Final Season

(Possible spoilers ahead.)

The Leftovers really upped its game in its powerful second season, especially in the craziness department. Once the show had even more room to grow from its source material, it really came into its own, including giving us one of TV’s best karaoke moments of all time. And thankfully, HBO decided to renew the existentially bonkers show for a third and final season. It’s a part of the very hectic month of TV, but it’s worth making time for, both in watching and trying to figure out what the hell all of it means.

Which is why we can be grateful for any sliver of knowledge we get before its premiere. HitFix host Miri Jedeikin sat down with Leftovers co-creator Damon Lindelof to pick his brain over what we can expect. Unsurprisingly, Kevin Garvey is still struggling with his own sanity and how to make sense of what he experienced in season two (dying a couple times and pushing a little girl down a well will do that to even the sanest of people). Lindelof also delves into the satisfaction of going into a season with a known conclusion in sight because he’d rather write “a terrible ending with intention than a great ending without it.” And if The Leftovers matches his picks for best TV finales, we’ll certainly be in for a spectacular albeit confusing ending.