Dance lessons from Lorde: Learn the pop star’s signature moves

Do you want to learn to dance just like 17-year-old pop sensation Lorde? Of course you do! Her weirdly intense, but also creepily slow, stage moves are soon to be all the rage in clubs and on YouTube channels across the globe. Follow along and Lorde breaks her signature groove down into a series of easy steps.

Step 1: Before you begin, you’re going to want to do some hand exercises, and most of your best dance moves will come from your arms and hands.

Step 2: Now that your hands are warmed up, you’re going to want to slow your body speed down as much as you possibly can.

Step 3: Combine the slow body movements with a deliberate hand gesture so that you look like a sassy tiger who’s been given a shot of Ketamine.

Step 4: Okay, now imagine you’re that zoned-out tiger and you’ve spotted some prey in the distance, like maybe a zebra or Selena Gomez.

Step 5: Sneeze break!

Step 6: To show you’ve really gotten into the groove, increase your energy level by, like, 5%.

Step 7: Really go nuts with it! Let your hands gesticulate as wildly as they can handle. Like, whole inches to the left and the right if you feel so compelled.

Step 8: Congratulations. You can now dance exactly like Lorde.

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