Danny Boyle on his biggest worries making the definitive Steve Jobs biopic

“Steve Jobs,” the new biopic starring Michael Fassbender as the lionized tech king, roils with intensity as it chronicles the backstage goings-on preceding three different product launches. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin keeps the proceedings tense with constant verbal sparring, and director Danny Boyle saw it as his mission to keep the dialogue-heavy film engrossing.

Boyle, who won an Academy Award for “Slumdog Millionaire,” worried most about one particular bit of the film's energy: the audience members at Steve Jobs' thrilling events.

“The thing we feared the most was that we wouldn't be able to fill the theaters. Because we had no money,” Boyle said to HitFix, adding, “They're 3,000-seat theaters these presentations are done in. So we advertised on the internet, and so many people turned up. It was amazing. There was a kind of evangelical energy about them.” 

Boyle also spoke with us about the movie's greatest chameleon (Kate Winslet), the thrill of seeing Seth Rogen seize the opportunity to perform drama, and how he made sure the movie was never boring. 

“Steve Jobs” enters theaters today.