Dave Bautista Posted A Throwback Photo Of The Uncomfortable ‘First Top’ Worn By Drax In ‘Endgame’

Marvel Studios

The outspoken Dave Bautista (who, it must be noted, is cool with Disney again for rehiring James Gunn as Guardians of the Galaxy 3 director) is being his vocal self lately. He recently spoke up about a fan campaign for him to play the supervillain Bane for Warner Bros. with a hearty, “I accept.” If that works out, he’ll be one of multiple stars (including Jared Leto) playing Marvel and DC characters, but this week, Bautista’s relishing his Marvel experience with a throwback photo. This actually appears to be a not-so-fun image when he describes the experience of wearing Drax’s “first top” ever during the hush-hush shooting of a sad Avengers: Endgame scene. The #sensitivenipples hashtag says everything.

Of course, there are plenty of fandom jokes on the shirt subject, given that Drax the Destroyer fully refused to wear one of Rocket’s Aero-Rigs in a Guardians movie because “it hurts,” and “I have sensitive nipples.” Bautista also previously told Metro that he found it “so funny” that Drax appears in a scene “in outer space on top of a spaceship with a space helmet on, but no shirt.” During that same interview, he suggested that Drax might secretly also want “to show off his tattoos,” although at that point, the skin markings weren’t revealed yet to be tattoos (though Drax later drunkenly talked about his tattoos in a deleted scene). Yet at least he wore a shirt to Tony Stark’s funeral. Respect.

Well, this “wedding scene” (which — SPOILER ALERT — was actually the funeral scene, but Marvel Studios needed to keep notorious spoilers Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo in the dark) in Endgame will probably be the only time we ever see Bautista wear a shirt in a Marvel movie. He might have to suck it up for Warner Bros. if he plays Bane, though! Unless he can maneuver himself into a nip-baring vest for the role, which is totally possible and could make for an odd MCU Easter egg in the DCEU.