David Bowie’s a scary monster in new video for ‘Valentine’s Day’

David Bowie”s eyes star in the video for the spare, yet artsy video for “Valentine”s Day,” from his current album, “The Next Day.”

As all Bowie devotees know, it looks like he has two different colored eyes- one blue and one brown- when actually, both are blue, but his pupil on his left eyes stays dilated because of a childhood fight. Those eyes are the key to Bowie”s eerily-possessed soul in the clip, directed by Indrani and Markus Klinko.

Close ups of his non-smiling face as he sings about a school shooter– either of arrows or bullets, your interpretation–add to the intensity of the video.

Bowie appears in an abandoned column-filled building, perhaps the ghost of the school. The only other images are of an ethereal, blurry Bowie roaming the grounds and shadows of Bowie.  Forget about fearing Valentine, Bowie”s the scary monster here.