DC confirms Andreyko & Haun as new ‘Batwoman’ creative team

(CBR) CBR News has confirmed with DC Comics that incoming “Batwoman” writer Marc Andreyko will take over the series beginning with “Batwoman” #25. Andreyko will be joined by artist Jeremy Haun, who was already listed as one of the artists in the original “Batwoman” #25 solicitation.
Confusion arose after DC co-publisher Dan DiDio’s comments at Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend, which indicated Andreyko’s first issue would be a full two issues before current “Batwoman” creative team J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman intended to exit the title. Williams took to social media after DiDio’s comments were widely reported, expressing surprise and disappointment that he and Blackman would not be able to finish their final arc as intended.
“Sadly, I guess with a new writer starting on Batwoman 25 means that the issue 25 we wrote already isn’t coming out,” Williams said via Twitter, continuing to say he and Blackman would likely not be able to give even a rough idea of how they intended to end the series. “Having two chapters cut from an arc does story damage.”
Although the current solicitation for “Batwoman” #25 lists Williams and Blackman as the writers for the issue alongside artists Jeremy Haun and Trevor McCarthy, DC has confirmed this is no longer the case.
“I am taking this job very seriously and hope to do right by Kate, Maggie, Bette and the rest of the cast,” Andreyko said via Facebook over the weekend. “This all happened very quickly, so am trying to catch my breath and let it sink in. And i’ve already had great conversations with [DC editor] Mike Marts and can’t wait to work with him again. I hope you will give my run a chance as I am going to give it my all and try to live up to the work those great creators did before me.”
“Batwoman” #25 is scheduled to hit stores November 20.