Deadpool Spoofs The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 10-Year Anniversary Video

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That crazy Deadpool, what will he think of next? In the lead-up to Deadpool 2 (our review), the Merc with a Mouth (and the man within the suit, Ryan Reynolds) took over Walmart, performed with Celine Dion, and answered questions about love and life. He’s also taken the piss out of Marvel, first by mocking Infinity War‘s spoiler warning (“We’re asking that when you see Deadpool 2, you don’t say a f*cking word about the fun sh*t in the movie. ‘Cause it’d be super lame to spoil the fact that Deadpool dies in this one”) and now by spoofing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 10-year celebration video.

Deadpool didn’t get his own movie until 2016, but his cinematic debut was seven years earlier, in the regrettable X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His thoughts on the film? “That was… not really what we had in mind.” How about the Reynolds-starring Green Lantern? “Nope, that didn’t help things.”

But ever since 2015, when the infamous test footage leaked, it’s been a meteoric rise for Deadpool (the first film grossed nearly $800 million) and Reynolds, who’s no longer “Van Wilder star Ryan Reynolds.” If you told the Merc back then that “one movie would spawn an expansive two movie universe, I’d have said you were crazy.” Which I guess makes Deadpool 2The Incredible Hulk? Expect Reynolds to be replaced by Mark Ruffalo any day now.

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