That ‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Had Some Great Easter Eggs And May Have Revealed The Villain

On Wednesday, Deadpool declared his love of cocaine and channeled Bob Ross to debut the first footage from Deadpool 2. The back half of that teaser was chock-full of Easter eggs and references, and it may have even revealed the film’s villain (more on that in a moment).

Did you pay close attention to the end credits on the teaser? Fox loves jamming funny stuff into end credits, and these listed an amazing crew including Dalton on security (a Road House reference), lead singer “Jerrika” Benton (as in Jerrica Benton of Jem and the Holograms), Wayne Campbell as both camera operators (a reference to Mike Myers’ “camera 1, camera 2” jokes in the Wayne’s World sketches and movies), Tom Edison on lighting, “Ted E. Ruxpinn” (Teddy Ruxpin) on audio, along with heavy hitters like Geordi Leforge (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Blanche Devereaux (Golden Girls) because you should never underestimate their dedication to adding Golden Girls references.

As for the villain, did you catch this painted figure that surprised Deadpool right before the movie footage started?

This could be teasing the villain being played by Jack Kesy. The figure’s eyes are black, not white, so it isn’t a painting of Deadpool. Kesy’s character has previously been referred to as “Black Bob,” which some took as a reference to Black Tom Cassidy, the brother of the X-Men’s Banshee. On the other hand, Screen Rant interprets this to mean the main villain is Nathan Essex / Mister Sinister, manipulating Deadpool’s mind to make him paint a portrait of the genetically-enhanced telepath. Sinister has a somewhat similar appearance as Black Tom Cassidy, and Sinister had a hand in creating Cable (Josh Brolin).

It was Sinister who schemed to clone Jean Grey following her ‘death’ and the Phoenix Saga in hopes of mating her with Cyclops, thereby creating a superior mutant to raise as his own superweapon. Long story short, the plan worked: the child was flung into the future to become the techno-organic powerhouse known as Cable, eventually tasked with defeating Sinister’s second master plan… Cable’s genetic clone, Stryfe.

Those family reunions are awkward.

(Via Screen Rant)