‘Deadpool 2’ Does A Team-Up With ‘The Walking Dead’ Finale And Drops A ‘Goonies’ Burn In Another New Spot

Deadpool and the folks at AMC delivered a nice treat during The Walking Dead finale on Sunday night. As promoted on the official film account for Deadpool 2, Sunday was a look at “The Walking Deadpool” and a look to the members of X-Force. While the image below is not the first time Deadpool has been mashed up with zombies in his existence — two very good comic series all about that if you’re interested — but it fun to think that movie Deadpool could get a zombie story at some point.

Each of the trailers or TV spots was released in three parts across the finale and into Talking Dead. It might remind you of how AMC stuffed things fans wanted to see about Breaking Bad in Low Winter Sun, but on a much more entertaining scale. Plus there is a lot we’ve already seen here in the trailer from a few weeks ago — in fact its the tame version of that trailer.

It’s fine and it’s definitely easy marketing, but luckily it wasn’t the only look at Deadpool we got. Also, we did learn that tickets go on sale Thursday and you can’t really complain there.

There is also another new Deadpool 2 clip floating around out there featuring Domino fighting Cable, Deadpool attempting to deflect some bullets with his swords — and failing — followed by a reference to Josh Brolin’s work in The Goonies. It’s a good alternative to all the doom, gloom, and drama coming in Infinity War. There are still fun superhero movies coming out there!

(Via Fox / Deadpool)