Netflix Brings ‘The Defenders’ Trailer And First Episode To Comic-Con For A Showstopping Appearance

Entertainment Writer
07.22.17 3 Comments

The Defenders made a big splash at Comic-Con on Friday, dropping an action-packed trailer online and surprising those in attendance with the first episode of the series. The series is the culmination of Marvel’s Netflix output up to this point, complete with a teased cameo for The Punisher ahead of his own series on Netflix in the near future. Not only does the series combine all four of Marvel Studios current series into one super team — good parts and bad parts — it also brings in a villain that seems threatening enough to warrant a team-up.

Picture The Avengers, but with a grittier tone that’s walking the streets and isn’t afraid to curse or show an imperfect side. If Tony Stark and the team are all about the shawarma and fancy parties, The Defenders are fine with a random Chinese meal and cracking a beer on the subway.

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