Remembering Dennis Hopper

Five years ago today, actor Dennis Hopper passed away. He had a long career filled with dozens of roles in excellent films in which he, more often than not, played a bizarre villain with sadistic tendencies. To celebrate his life and career, let's take a closer look at one of his most famous roles: Frank Booth from “Blue Velvet”. If you”ve ever seen “Blue Velvet”, you know how mysterious the nature of this man”s evil is. At points it”s hard to know what this twisted mother-f**ker is all about, so I”m here to explain this famous character in five easy bullet points.

Without further adieu, here is “Get to Know Frank Booth”:

Occupation: drug dealer/pimp/gangster/overseer of criminal underworld in Lumberton, North Carolina.

•Hobbies include: kidnap, acting out rape fantasies with blackmail victims, role playing equally disturbing “daddy” and “baby” characters in sexually twisted scenarios, beating people within an inch of their lives etc.

•Likes: blue velvet, amyl nitrate, Pabst Blue Ribbon, the word “f-k”.

*Dislikes: warm beer, “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison.

•Famous quotes: “Don”t you f-king look at me.”

As you can see, Frank Booth is a very unique character with very singular tastes. Why he is so psychologically messed up, the world may never know. But if you have theories, I”d love to hear them.

In addition to being a wonderfully talented actor, Dennis Hopper was also an artist, father, and citizen of Venice, California. He is deeply missed and will be forever remembered as one of the greatest actors of our time. Rest in peace.