Depeche Mode originals Martin L. Gore and Vince Clarke announce new album details

01.11.12 8 years ago

As Melinda noted when the new collaboration between former Depeche Mode bandmates Martin L. Gore (who’s still officially a member of the group) and Vince Clarke was first announced back in November, “VCMG” is a pretty weak and unimaginative moniker for their little side-project. Nevertheless, they’ve already released one EP titled “Spock” under the name (with a second called “Single Blip” on the way), and now they’ve announced details of the full-length album, which they’re calling “Ssss”, like, you know, a snake or whatever. It’s due out on March 12th.

“[VCMG] marks the long awaited reunion of electronic pioneers Vince Clarke (Erasure/ Yazoo/ Depeche Mode) and Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode), who have joined forces for the first time in over thirty years to craft a 10-track album which demonstrates their mutual love of electronic music,” reads the official press release.

It goes on to state that Gore and Clarke actually crafted the full LP whilst collaborating over email, working from their separate studios until it reached completion. Now that’s what I call 21st century teamwork!

You can check out the full tracklisting (guess they aren’t too confident about  #7) and artwork for the album below.

1) Lowly
2) Zaat
4) Windup Robot
5) Bendy Bass
6) Single Blip
7) Skip This Track
8) Aftermaths
9) Recycle
10) Flux

What do you think of the new collaboration between Gore and Clarke? Will you be checking it out when it’s released?

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