Disney and the makers of ‘Robot Chicken’ teamed up for Haunted Mansion stop-motion shorts

10.03.16 2 years ago

Disney hasn”t released a stop-motion feature since 2012″s Frankenweenie, but that doesn”t mean meticulously hand-crafted animation is without a home at the House of Mouse. The studio recently released fan-created stop-motion videos with Rogue One toys to promote the new Star Wars movie. And now it”s is unveiling a line-up of four stop-motion animated spots on network Disney XD.

Foolish mortals, this is your third day of Halloween treat (if you don”t celebrate Halloween all October long, then this might not be your cup of pumpkin chai tea) from Disney: Two 30-second spots featuring Disney XD characters daring to enter the Haunted Mansion. The spots (along with two more that”ll be released later this month) are the work of Disney XD teaming up with Walt Disney Imagineering and Stoopid Buddy Studios, the animation company that makes Robot Chicken.

Haunted Mansion enthusiasts have plenty to geek out over in these spots: All music, sound effects, and voices of Haunted Mansion characters are from the original attraction in Disneyland. Take a close look at the graveyard in these spots, and you”ll see tombstones from the ride. There”s a new character here too, little ghost Baby Boo, who takes inspiration from Marc Davis” concept drawings for the ride. 

The first spot features what seems like a long-overdue encounter: Madame Leota and Pony Head from Star vs. The Forces of Evil. In the next spot, Pickle and Peanut meet Baby Boo.

You can watch those two spots below:

All four spots will air on Disney XD this month. Air dates and descriptions for the spots are below:

Monday, October 3 (8 p.m. ET/PT – during the series premiere of Milo Murphy's Law) – Star and Pony Head (of “Star vs. The Forces of Evil”) stumble into the wrong dimension and disturb Madame Leota from her restful trance.

Monday, October 10 (6:30 p.m. ET/PT during a Halloween-themed episode of Pickle and Peanut) – Pickle and Peanut search for their lost keys in the famous Haunted Mansion graveyard where they meet brand new ghost Baby Boo and the infamous Hatbox Ghost.

Monday, October 10 (7:30 p.m. ET/PT during a Halloween-themed episode of Star vs. The Forces of Evil) – Star and Marco come face-to-face with Ezra the Hitchhiking Ghost.

Monday, October 17 (8 p.m. ET/PT during a new episode of Milo Murphy's Law) – Pickle and Peanut stumble into the attic where Constance the Bride is awaiting her next victim.

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