Pixar fans, you gotta watch this ‘Dug in Real Life’ video

Your Thursday dose of utter adorableness comes from Disney/Pixar – but not in animated form.

Dug, the ebullient dog from Pixar”s Up, got the real-life treatment in a video by Oh My Disney, the official blog of The Walt Disney Company.

In the video, a Golden Retriever dons Dug”s high-tech collar that translates his thoughts and barks into English, and he makes some new friends at the park. Longtime Pixar voice actor Bob Peterson reprises his role as Dug, even finding an opportunity to shout, “Squirrel!” and sympathize with a fellow canine in the cone of shame.

Check it out below:

The video is the first in a new digital series from Oh My Disney called “Disney IRL (In Real Life).” It appears the set-up isn”t quite so much of a surprise to folks in the park as Improv Everywhere”s awesome “Movies in Real Life” series (those people immediately started talking to Dug like this is totally normal), but it”s delightful nonetheless.